PCO Drivers Wanted

Cab Drivers  JobFor Vacancies, Meeting the basic criteria of age and License, PCO Driver Wanted Job offer round the clock to our valued customers, so we are operating 24/7, which gives a chance to Work in different shifts.

Office for Taxi and Cab Driving

Taxi Driving Office Employment demands a well know how of all the main areas in London city, which includes restaurants , hotels, pubs, airports, railway station, schools, church, mosques, shopping malls etc. In short a good Cab should be street wise, for value addition he also should know the local suburbs, as Driving an extra mile means getting paid more.

Jobs Required

Apply for the Minicab Jobs: Candidate for Taxis Vacancies, other than being well versed with the streets, should possess a pleasant personality.

The role involves the following:

  • To dress neatly for PCO Wanted Job
  • To communicate (verbal/written) accurately in the least times
  • To complete paper Work also be needed by Taxis Driver Required
  • To undertake security checks for Employment
  • To drive with consideration
  • To report any accidents to your line manager

London Minicab Driver License

A Flexible And toughened Chauffeur needed For Start-up Minicab job based mostly within the London - at first For Casual Chauffeuring On employment Basis this will become a regular position and should have a valid License .

Taxis Job or vacancies

PCO Minicabs Wanted Jobs or vacancies can embrace traditional chauffeuring like, Social Appointments, and driving to and from Central, Etc. this can be a self role and you may be liable for paying your own tax.

Dressing leaves a lasting impact so dress should be spick and span. A composed personality is needed especially in case of rude customers, so that tensed situation can be handled with great care and to avoid any mishap. Required Minicabs drivers usually receive most of their work on Friday and Saturday nights and at times have to deal with drunk or angry customers in a calm and rational manner.

So, what is going to I truly be doing?

Your Employment involves:

  • Test vehicle instrumentality like lights, brakes, horns, or screen wipers, to confirm correct operation
  • Notify dispatchers or company mechanics of auto issues
  • Drive Taxis Cabs, limousines, company cars, or in private in hand vehicles to move passengers
  • Follow rules governing cars operation and make sure that passengers follow safety rules
  • Pick up passengers at planned locations, at stands
  • Perform routine vehicle maintenance like regulation tire pressure and adding fuel, oil, and water
  • Pick up or meet employers in line with requests, appointments, or schedules
  • Operate vehicle with disability facility, like chair lifts to move individuals with special wants
  • Communicate with dispatchers by radio, telephone, or pc to exchange info and receive requests for rider Service

Record name, date, and Taxi or Minicab identification info on trip sheets, together with trip info like time and place of pickup and drop-off, and total fee

Minicabs firm that Give Comfort Transfer Service

Does the open road call to you? Then the life of a Cab office jobs may be the right life for you. Good Minicabs Drivers' square measure extraordinarily acquainted with the realm that they serve, and square measure ready to transport their passengers to their destination as quickly as possible, even throughout serious traffic. Selecting the foremost economical routes and obtaining their passengers to their destination quickly permits them to select up additional passengers and build more cash.

We want cabs work to perfection

We want the following:

  • Highest level Of Service needed by Cab Office Drivers
  • Central and Greater London with taxi driver license
  • Cabs Employee required should exhibit the very best level of private look and behavior and be example to others
  • Responsive and versatile to customers requests
  • Record correct evaluation data for consumer request functions
  • Build Relationships and Understanding With each Service Users And Bookers
  • Taking the quickest and safest route
  • Helping to load and unload Luggage
  • Keeping your vehicle clean and in smart operating order (no one wants to take a faulty, untidy car)
  • Performing routine maintenance on their vehicle, like adjusting tyre pressure and adding oil
  • Providing passengers with info concerning native attractions or alternative points of interest
  • Schedules to see fares
  • Picking up passengers and taking them wherever they need to travel
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